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Total Program Management for Healthcare Facilities

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Renovating, expanding, or building a completely new healthcare facility is always complex, but it doesn’t have to be disruptive and confusing. With extensive experience in all phases of the healthcare facility lifecycle, The CPI Group offers total program management from a single point of contact and responsibility. We act as an extension of your team, focused on your organization’s success. Whether you need total program delivery or a specific task, our solutions are tailored to your individual needs – mitigating risk, minimizing disruption, and maximizing outcomes in patient care.

Expert program management is the key to simplifying the complex while adding value throughout the life of your healthcare organization’s projects. As your program manager, The CPI Group will work diligently to identify and eliminate potential issues that may impede individual projects or the overall master plan program itself. Learn More >

How you implement your healthcare facility project will determine its success – but knowing which path to choose can be overwhelming. Exploring the most plausible solutions involves careful in-depth analysis of available resources and constraints, lifecycle phases, timelines, and future expansion. Learn More >

A solid healthcare capital program is built on a master plan that is informed by the institution’s unique operations and mission to deliver quality care. It sets the clear vision and direction needed to get it right the first time – optimizing resources, streamlining processes, and meeting deadlines. Learn More >

Exemplary healthcare facility design is born out of an understanding of business and clinical operations, respect for budgets and schedules, and never losing sight of your overall vision. Learn More >

Building well is only a part of healthcare facility construction requirements. Delivery and enduring success requires meaningful, straightforward collaboration with the client and thorough management from start to finish. Learn More >

Effective medical equipment planning requires a thorough understanding of current facility practices and standards. This includes the needs of patients and staff, as well as equipment utilization, extended storage requirements, and supply chain interface.  Learn More >

The act of moving in and putting the new or renovated space into full use is both the most highly anticipated and operationally traumatic event in realizing a project vision. And yet, transition planning and move management are the most overlooked phases in the facility lifecycle. Learn More >

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