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North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health and The Office of Chief Medical Examiner

  • Program Leadership of Multiple Teams
  • Develop Detailed Relocation Plan
  • Inventory, Label and Transport Two State Agencies to New Facility
The State of North Carolina and Graebel engaged The CPI Group to provide transition management for the relocation and consolidation of two state agencies – The North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health (SLPH) and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME). 

CPI’s services included the complete inventory, management coordination and move of the entire building contents.  Some of the components of the move included:  moving offices of 300 staff, sensitive scientific instrumentation (such as gas chromatography-mass spectrometry instrumentation), laboratory and medical equipment, chemicals, reagents, skeletal remains, human tissue samples, among other items from their original locations in Raleigh and Chapel Hill to a new consolidated facility in Raleigh, NC.

When the project began, the SLPH occupied just over 116,000 sf and the OCME office occupied approximately 8,500 sf of space in their respective facilities.  These two offices were moved into a new facility with more than 223,000 sf of space.  The CPI Group’s team worked closely with multiple consultant teams to plan and then oversee the execution of the move in a phased approach – to ensure the exacting process in which the move took place minimizing laboratory down time.

Some of the key features of CPI’s role on the project include:
  • Development of a detailed relocation plan and schedule including ability to keep current lab operations fully functioning during the move and certification/validation process at the new facility.
  • Development and maintenance of an instrumentation and chemical inventory database.  The database will be accessible online 24/7 and will provide a room by room reporting.
  • Inventory, labeling and transport (to new facility) of all Laboratory instrumentation, files, furniture, equipment, dead human bodies, and laboratory and forensic specimens, reagents and chemicals.
  • Development of an inventory, characterization, as required, and disposal of radiation and chemical waste materials from our chemistry and radiochemistry laboratories.
  • Pre-move benchmarking of all instrumentation performance
  • Coordination with equipment vendors to ensure warranty/maintenance and reagent agreements requirements are met.
  • Overseeing disassembly and packaging of instrumentation.
  • Collaborative inspection with facilities management of new Laboratory facility to ensure instrument compatibility with new Laboratory infrastructure
  • Un-packaging and assembly of instrumentation including making all necessary utility connections for fully functional equipment operation.
  • Post-move benchmarking and instrument validation (including special instrument re-certifications)


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