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Extensive experience, operations-based planning, total program management – it’s what high-tech facilities deserve and what The CPI Group delivers. Whether total program delivery or a specific task, we act as an extension of your team providing tailored solutions that balance schedule, cost, and quality while maximizing uptime. The CPI Group is your source for informed, efficient and effective project success.

Expert program management is the key to ensuring your high-tech facility’s success. With extensive experience in every phase of the high-tech facilities lifecycle, The CPI Group knows how to coordinate multiple players and elements while identifying and mitigating potential issues along the way. Learn More >

The most effective high-tech facility additions, retrofits or renovations begin with in-depth real-time analysis of the existing facility’s infrastructure, systems, and equipment. The CPI Group provides comprehensive facility assessments to give you the practical data you need to pursue effective facilities planning. Learn More >

A solid high-tech facilities program is built on a master plan that is informed by the company’s unique service delivery and operational processes. It provides the clear direction needed to get it right the first time – optimizing resources, streamlining processes, and meeting deadlines. Learn More >

Superior high-tech facility design is born out of an understanding of a company’s product and business operations, respect for budgets and schedules, and never losing sight of your overall objective. Learn More >

Building well is only a part of high-tech facility construction. Delivering success requires meaningful, straightforward assistance, and thorough management from beginning to end. Learn More >

The productivity of a new high-tech facility depends on the successful transition of people, processes, and equipment. Though not always considered at the start of a project, transition planning and move management is a critical component in the successful startup of your updated or new facility. The impact of transitions on business operations is a fundamental aspect of the facility lifecycle. Learn More >

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