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Transition Planning and Move Mangement | High-Tech

Reducing or eliminating downtime through transition planning

The productivity of a new high-tech facility depends on the successful transition of people, processes, and equipment. Though not always considered at the start of a project, transition planning and move management is a critical component in the successful startup of your updated or new facility. The impact of transitions on business operations is a fundamental aspect of the facility lifecycle.

High-tech projects come with their own set of unique challenges, that’s why The CPI Group implements transition planning from design conception through functional operation. We work with all project stakeholders, from leadership to operations, design, and construction teams, to develop a strategy that accounts for:

  • Business impacts
  • Maximized operational uptime
  • Critical equipment requirements
  • Communicating the plan with your workforce

By reviewing potential conditions, and developing and communicating a cohesive move and training plan, we can ensure a smooth transition to optimize your business productivity. Whether you move down the hall or across the country, The CPI Group is dedicated to your transition success.

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