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New Mexico Scientific Labs

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Program Leadership of Multiple Teams

Inventory all Equipment

Move Three Agencies into a New Facility

Total Project Value more than $80,000,000

The CPI Group was engaged by Graebel and the State of New Mexico to facilitate the move of three state agencies from their existing offices on the University of New Mexico campus to a newly constructed building three miles away.  CPI was subcontracted to Graebel to be their Total Program Manager for the project, coordinating multiple parties and services to seamlessly work together for a smooth transition from the clients’ existing office to their new building.

Our team provided transition program management coordinated into one overall effort to the separate New Mexico agencies of Scientific Laboratories Division (SLD), Office of the Medical Investigator (OMI), and Veterinary Diagnostics Services (VDS).  Our services included complete inventory of all equipment and instrumentation, move scheduling, and overall program leadership of multiple consultant teams. 

We also provided the third party coordination and management of the instrumentation vendors required for decommissioning and packing in the old facility, relocation of the instruments, as well as setup and baseline recalibration in the new facility.  In addition to the instrumentation relocation, CPI directly managed chemical relocation efforts as part of the consultant team.  A number of specialized materials (such as select agents, decedents, and classified material) was also part of the relocation – CPI coordinated the relocation efforts for these materials that was completed by others.  Part of successful, complex move included the largest continuous BSL-3 space in the country at the time (2010) for the OMI Autopsy Suite.

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