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Technical Program Management

In our more than 28 years of experience, The CPI Group has managed billions of dollars of projects.  We thrive with the complexity of specialized and demanding industry sectors. Above all, CPI prides itself in being a dedicated partner to provide and find solutions to any client or team member need; even transcending our own core expertise and services to augment and address the intricacy of a project need. 

Healthcare Facilities

Renovating, expanding or building a completely new healthcare facility is always complex, but it doesn't have

to be disruptive and confusing.  With extensive experience in all phases of the healthcare facility lifecycle, The CPI Group offers technical program management from a single point of contact and responsibility. We act as an extension of your team, focused on your organization's success. Whether you need total program delivery or a specific task, our solutions are tailored to your individual needs - mitigating risk, minimizing disruption, and maximizing outcomes in patient care.

High-Tech Facilities

Extensive experience, operations-based planning, technical program management – it’s what high-tech facilities deserve and what The CPI Group delivers. Whether total program delivery or a specific task, we act as an extension of your team providing tailored solutions that balance schedule, cost, and quality while maximizing uptime. The CPI Group is your source for informed, efficient and effective project success.

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