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Whether for terrestrial or off-planet needs, aerospace facilities present a complex challenge to renovate, expand or greenfield build.  CPI’s experience spans critical environments, research and development labs, high-bay cleanrooms, data centers and customer equipment areas, manufacturing, assembly, integration, and test functions including dedicated aerospace test equipment such as shakers, thermal vacuum chambers, anechoic ranges, and EMI chambers.  Our expertise extends into design and construction of ICD-705 secure work areas (SCIFS).  Just as each aerospace program must meet a unique set of requirements, each capital facilities project is also unique and CPI’s broad experience, coupled with our ability to tailor our services to each individual client, provide unparalleled support across the entire project lifecycle.

  • Site selection

  • Concept development

  • Stakeholder justifications and presentations

  • Design and construction team selection

  • Cost and schedule control

  • Field construction oversight

  • Comprehensive systems commissioning and testing


CPI’s processes and tools provide seamless transfers of data among the team with increased communication speed allowing for efficient and sometimes expedited decision-making to eliminate rework and open your new facility on time and on budget.  Please contact us for more information about how we can help your project, regardless of the phase of the lifecycle.

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