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Exacting cleanliness, hazardous process utilities, and critical timelines to meet market windows are all part of semiconductor projects.  It takes a team of experienced professionals performing at high levels for months on end to successfully complete either base build or tool hook-up efforts.  CPI’s staff has experience with all ISO levels, all utility systems, and hundreds of types of production tools used across the semiconductor industry.  From a simple etcher replacement to the most complicated photolithography stepper, from a greenfield fab to expanding an existing cleanroom without impacting ongoing production, our team will work with your facilities staff to tailor our level of support.  Whether a single cost control manager to accurately track spending for tax rebates to an entire group from senior program managers to field engineers, CPI ensures that your semiconductor project is well scoped, well designed and well built.

  • Concept development

  • Stakeholder justifications and presentations

  • Cost and schedule control

  • Utility systems retrofits and expansions

  • Field construction oversight

  • Comprehensive systems commissioning and testing

  • Ongoing tool hook-up

  • Clean build protocols


CPI’s processes and tools provide seamless transfers of data among the entire team with increased communication speed allowing for efficient and sometimes expedited decision-making to eliminate rework so your fab meets the market need.  Please contact us for more information about how we can help your project.

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