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Food & Beverage

Understanding the innovative requirements to capture new product market share, expanding facilities to keep up with current demands, or your logistics Center of Gravity during site selections, a team of experienced professionals performing at the highest levels with the ability to convert a big picture concept into reality is required.  CPI’s staff has experience with low volume research and development spaces to mass production line facilities with output in the millions per day.  From high speed packaging production equipment to process waste and water treatment system, from a new greenfield site to renovations and equipment changes required without impacting ongoing operations, our team will work with your staff to tailor our level of support to ensure that your food and beverage project exceeds the highest food safety standards for you and the consuming public.  


  • Site feasibility and due diligence

  • Involvement in preparing incentive packages

  • Concept development

  • Stakeholder justifications and presentations

  • Cost and schedule control

  • Implementing substations, utility systems retrofits and expansions

  • Field construction oversight

  • Equipment management and coordination

  • Comprehensive systems commissioning and testing


CPI’s processes and tools provide seamless transfers of data among the entire team with increased communication speed allowing for efficient and sometimes expedited decision-making to eliminate rework so your fab meets the market need.  Please contact us for more information about how we can help your project.

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