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Manufacturing facilities are widely varied in layout, utilities and operational processes but all share common requirements to meet production windows in order to succeed in the marketplace.  CPI’s team of manufacturing-experienced professionals has helped clients for decades across numerous industries and at all scales.  From the earliest concepts to a complete relocation across the country of a manufacturing process line, CPI is ready to assist in every phase of the project lifecycle.  We also understand that manufacturing projects must manage the ever-changing landscape of production needs so our specifically developed change control methods provide a level of assurance for budget and schedule allowing stakeholders complete visibility at all times.

  • Site feasibility and due diligence

  • Involvement in preparing incentive packages

  • Requirements gathering including detailed equipment matrices

  • Concept development with ROI analysis

  • Design and construction team selection

  • Cost and schedule control

  • Field construction oversight

  • Equipment management and coordination

  • Comprehensive systems commissioning and testing


CPI’s processes and tools provide seamless transfers of data among the entire team with increased communication speed allowing for efficient and sometimes expedited decision-making to eliminate rework, so your factory meets the market need.  Please contact us for more information about how we can help your project.

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