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Feasibility Studies

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How you implement your healthcare facility project will determine its success – but knowing which path to choose can be overwhelming. Exploring the most plausible solutions involves careful in-depth analysis of available resources and constraints, lifecycle phases, timelines, and future expansion.

The CPI Group provides feasibility studies that maximize resources, minimize costs, and ensure on-time completion – all while maintaining alignment with your overall vision. Whether you renovate, expand, or build a new healthcare facility, every action will have an impact on your operations and revenue. We consider these options and more. A clear and comprehensive feasibility study will affect stakeholder buy-in and decision-making, prioritize efforts, and transition your project from strategy into action.

Your comprehensive feasibility study considers:

  • Obvious and unexpected costs to determine cost estimation

  • Existing and needed financial resources

  • Current and future operational requirements

  • Potential future expansion opportunities

  • Risks and constraints

  • Business planning

  • Options aligned with overall mission

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