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Transition Planning & Move Management

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The act of moving in and putting the new or renovated space into full use is both the most highly anticipated and operationally traumatic event in realizing a project vision. And yet, transition planning and move management are the most overlooked phases in the facility lifecycle.

At The CPI Group, we see transition planning and move management as two separate activities, but mutually dependent on one another for their success.

Transition Planning is the morphing of one set of operations and patient care patterns into new and different patterns to fit the new and improved environment.

Move Management is the act of implementing the Transition Plan, sequencing and scheduling the equipment relocation, and ultimately the delicate task of patient relocation.

Healthcare and hospital transition planning comes with its own set of unique challenges, that’s why The CPI Group implements transition planning from the initiation of design throughout the entire project lifecycle. We understand that your move to a new space involves the built environment in both locations, from the existing to the new.

By reviewing specific situations, department by department, developing and communicating a cohesive move plan, and then training staff in the new operations, The CPI Group can ensure a smooth transition while reducing time to achieve full productivity. Whether you move down the hall or across town, we are dedicated to your transition success.

Our transition planning team features seasoned move management medical planners as well as licensed RN clinicians to ensure adherence to attention to detail and clinical protocols throughout the patient transition experience and facility activation. From stakeholders, clinicians, management, and operations, to facilities, design, and construction teams, we work with your organization to forge a well-developed transition plan that factors in:

  • Minimal business disruption

  • Reduced or eliminated downtime

  • Critical equipment

  • The patient transition experience

  • Coordination of multiple parties

  • Sequencing of interdependent operations

  • Our strong relationship with specialty vendors

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